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Mini Implants

mini_implants_photoMaybe you’re tired of having a gap where you’ve lost a tooth, or maybe you’re sick of your dentures being loose and uncomfortable. Either way, Apex Dental can solve your problems with miniaturized dental implants.

Mini implants are a great option for replacing a single tooth or for stabilizing dentures. Generally, they’re used to keep the lower denture in place. This technique is proven to be extremely helpful for patients who are experiencing discomfort and pain caused by loose dentures that don’t fit correctly. Ultimately, mini implants are successful in eliminating issues that denture wearers commonly experience, such as “denture breath” and trapped food particles.

Many people prefer mini implants over regular implants because they are more convenient and require less time in the office. When you get mini implants, you’ll leave the Apex Dental office on the day of your surgery with a stable lower denture. You’ll also be able to eat immediately after the installation procedure. Unlike with regular dental implants, you won’t have to wait three to six months for your mini implant to integrate with your dentures.

Often, no gum incision is needed to apply a mini implant into the lower jaw. This is because the implants are typically placed directly into the bone that lies beneath the gum. Additionally, performing a mini implant installation usually only requires an injection in the gums where the implant will be placed.

Mini dental implants, which are made of titanium alloy, are similar in size to a standard wooden toothpick. They don’t require as much bone mass as regular implants due to their small size and are therefore a great option for people who are not eligible for regular implants.

The process of installing your mini implants and adjusting the old denture to ensure that it is supported by the new implant will take about 90 minutes. This procedure is typically painless and causes very little post-operative discomfort.

If you have any further questions about mini implants, call Apex Dental today.